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My Dark Ideas

A Long Overdue Musical Peregrination

Composed and recorded under conditions of near silence in lieu of sleeping, "My Dark Ideas" represent the soundscapes I have heard in my own head for decades, but only recently endeavored to record and share.  And while I don't really expect guitar-themed instrumentals to ever be widely or wildly embraced, I hope those who know me will have a listen and perhaps find one or two songs in my ever-growing catalogue worthy of inclusion in their respective personal soundtracks.

Songs are currently available for streaming or purchase below.

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What is this? Why is this?

My Dark Ideas can be best-described as a mildly aspirational, highly self-indulgent musical project - a "one man plus others" band you might say - without a devoted following or any substantial sphere of influence. Principal song writing began in 2019 with the intent of playing to an occasional live audience and appeasing my inner narcissist. But as a global viral pandemic took hold, my focus was redirected to making a series of "home studio" recordings.

Aside from the percussion parts that were skillfully added by a hired studio musician, all of the recorded sounds you hear under the "My Dark Ideas" moniker were (probably less skillfully) produced by applying my hands to a silenced electric guitar rig.

You're welcome and I'm sorry.

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